At Objex, Inc., we provide organizations with leading cloud infrastructure, cloud capabilities, and enterprise solutions along with consulting expertise to digitally transform their businesses.

Cloud Infrastructure

We have great experience implementing and automating enterprise cloud infrastructure and solutions on AWS, Azure, and GCP.


At Objex we build Microservices in all major languages. Objex Microservices development services offer tremendous benefits and velocity to our customers. 


We believe in API First Approach

We have helped to implement on-prem and on Cloud API platforms for medium to large corporations.

Machine Learning

Our ML and AI Engineers helps companies build custom solutions to automate and enhance their business processes. We can help you to decide if AI is the right technology for your organization.

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Logs Ingestion

We have helped large and medium-sized corporations select and migrate to the right logs digestion solution. You can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by using our expertise in this domain. 

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Objex has helped many corporations ingesting real-time logs and we have helped customers monitor infrastructure and applications using state-of-the-art Grafana, Kibana, DataStudio dashboards.

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